6 Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

When you look at it, mowing looks so simple. However, mowing is a crucial lawn maintenance task because it can affect the condition of the lawn, whether the grass is going to grow healthily or die. If you do the mowing correctly, the turf is going to be thick to crown out weeds and healthy enough to tolerate drought. On the other hand, doing it incorrectly will lead to your lawn struggling. In this article, we are sharing with you the tips given by Lawn Services Hampden County on how to properly mow your lawn.

Avoid Scalping the Lawn

Scalping means cutting the grass way too short. A scalped lawn is exposed to weed infestation and diseases. Once the lawn gets scalped, the soil is exposed too much which allows the weed seed to take root and grow. If the lawn is sparse, then you’re letting the sunlight in which gives the weed seedlings a boost to grow. Inconsistent length of grass will result to poorly developed root system.

Sharpen the Mower Blade

Keeping the mower blade shape is important because it will cut the grass cleanly. A mower blade with an uneven and jagged edge will tear the grass. The tears will result to openings for diseases and pests to enter. If you use a dull blade, the tips of each grass will develop a brownish or whitish color which means the grass blades are dying. Sharpen the blades a few times during your mowing session.

Adjust the Mower Height

The mower height should be adjusted during the different season because it the height of grass grows in various lengths. For example, during the winter season the mowing deck should be lowered to prevent the snow mold from forming on the grass. During the summer season, shift the cutting deck higher because the grass should be grown higher. Taller grass will develop deeper roots, this will make the lawn tolerant enough to drought.

Avoid Mowing a Damp Lawn

Ideally, you should mow when the grass is dry. You won’t harm the grass when you mow when it’s still damp or wet, but the result it not great. Wet grass will clog and fill the mower deck. You will also create uneven cut because the deck has tendency to fall over and clump together. Also, avoid mowing in soggy soil. Doing so will tear up the grass.

Mow in Shade

Pruning will cause a stress in a plant, same thing happens to grass. Mowing will create stress on grass, so mowing during the heat of the day will result to plants losing more water. Mow in shade because by that time the grass will lose less water and the cut heals quickly.

Practice Grass Cycling

Grass cycling is a process when you let the grass clippings lie on the area after you’re done cutting. Doing this will save you money and time too. You will save on your fertilizer because the grass clippings provide up to 25% of the fertilizer needs of your lawn.

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